I’m so excited to announce that I am slowly re-opening the studio for members who are fully vaccinated starting Saturday May 8th!!  (Note – this is currently for weekend classes only)


While this is exciting, re-opening the studio will take some work to work out the kinks and things may “look” a little different in the studio.  I will be following the guidance provided to me especially given the small space.


  1. You must be vaccinated and it has been at least 10 days since your second shot.

  2. You MUST sign up ahead of time and complete the COVID 19 form for EACH class.  The form is on the my website and also located here:   (https://forms.vagaro.com/608edcde01801e145057000d). NO walk ins will be allowed.

  3. Masks will be required when you enter and exit the studio, however, during exercise you may take the mask off. 

  4. A temperature check will be taken.

  5. If you’re not feeling well, please stay home.

  6. The changing areas are closed for now (please come dressed in your workout gear)

  7. The bathroom will be available and will be cleaned daily.

  8. Please be sure to wipe down all equipment when done using it (including steps).

  9. Towel service is not available at this time.

  10. Zoom classes will be concurrent during on-site classes.


Given the space limitations, I will only be able to accommodate 4-6 people per class.  I am hoping to increase the capacity in the coming months as more people are vaccinated.


Signing up is easy – it’s the same process you do now via my website or the Vagaro app, just make sure you choose the option for “At Business” vs. “Live Stream”.


Many members have borrowed equipment to use at home.  While I’m happy to have been able to allow this, my inventory of equipment is low.  8 – 12 lbs weights and 6 steps (not including mine) are available, but nothing heavier.  If you plan on using heavier weights, you may need to bring them with you.