Strength Training Plus Cardio? 7 Health Benefits of Combining Your Workouts

August 19, 2018


If you’re looking to condition your whole body, you may have heard recommendations for strength training, weight training, aerobic workouts, or cardio workout programs.

But have you ever heard of combining your strength training and your cardio training to get a more balanced full body workout?


Many people mistakenly believe that strength training and cardio workouts “cancel” each other out, fearing that strength training will add too much bulk and that cardio will decrease muscle mass. However, the truth is that strength and cardio training complement each other.


In my new full body metabolic training program DVD, "Sizzle & Chisel", I've created a workout that combines strength training and cardio conditioning with exciting benefits to your health!


1. Works your whole body.

One of the main benefits of doing a full body metabolic workout is that you’re working all your muscle groups in a single workout session. Instead of separating your workouts by muscle group (leg day, chest day, etc.) you get to work every muscle you have in a single, high-intensity workout, which is more true to natural muscle building and avoids muscle asymmetry.


2.  Shed extra pounds while maintaining muscle.

Cardio workouts are famous for their fat burning properties, but did you know that strength training and weight lifting are great for that too?  When you combine the two in the right way, you can get much better fat and calorie burning for much longer after your workout, while still building up muscle.


3. Improves posture.

Because full body workouts focus on your core strength, as well as many other muscle groups, it can do wonders for your posture. Especially the strength training portion of my workout can help increase your core muscle strength, allowing you to stand taller without pain!


4. Increases muscle recovery.

Because you’re working all of your body at a high intensity on workout days, full body workout plans allow your muscles the time they need to rest and build themselves back up before you tear them down again in your next workout session to avoid overtraining.


5. Less time dedicated to working out during the week.

Full body workouts allow you to have more days “off” than split training does. This gives you more time to dedicate to other fitness activities or simply the other things you have to get to each week.


6. Decreases risk of heart disease.

Both cardio exercise and strength training have been shown to improve your heart health. If you want to prevent heart disease, combining these two workout programs is a good idea.


7. Reduces boredom.

With a good full body metabolic strength and cardio workout plan, you don’t have to do the same ol’ thing every time you go to work out. There is a lot more opportunity for variety in each workout!


So, if you want to see the benefits of strength training plus cardio workouts first hand, you can order my new at-home total body workout DVD, "Sizzle & Chisel," available for pre-order now on my online store.

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